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HOA Pool Service Orange County

HOA Pool Service in Orange County

Need Professional HOA Pool Service in Orange County?

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Beachfront Pool Service offers the best HOA Pool Service in Orange County, pool maintenance and pool installation services you can rely on. Most believe pool companies are a dime a dozen and there are many options to choose from. For some reliable quality pool service is hard to find, however Beachfront Pool Service has you covered. Our highly trained and professional pool staff will work hard to ensure every pool is serviced, maintenanced, or installed 100%. We offer additional services such as opening and closing Orange County pools, installing new liners, building a custom pool, or weekly maintenance plans. Beachfront Pool Service will fit your needs anytime you need professional HOA Pool Service in Orange County. Give us a call today for your free estimate. We provide the best professional pool service to some of the finest pools in Orange County.


Pool Opening
Our fully trained and experienced technicians can assist you with pool opening or closing.

Weekly Maintenance
Ask us about our weekly maintenance plans (which are specific to each clients needs and lifestyles).

Pool Covers
We can design a custom fitting cover for your swimming pool according to the shape of your pool.


HOA Pool Service in Orange County

Affordable HOA Pool Service in Orange County CA

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Weekly Pool Maintenance Available For All of Orange County CA

Beachfront Pool Service provides a very competitive pool maintenance service program that’s designed for you to have the sparkling clean pool you want and expect. Let us take care of the dirty work from vacuuming to chemicals, periodical filter service, and everything in between. Maintaining a clean and swimmable pool can be daunting task for the inexperienced. There’s no need to worry, our highly trained and professional crew at Beachfront Pool Service has your pool needs covered. As a family business with decades of experience, we offer the premier weekly maintenance services for all vinyl pools, gunite pools and with all the latest industry training. We work hard around your schedule and available anytime you’re ready or in need of pool service. We take pride in taking care of our loyal customers, and leaving you with only two responsibilities: Love your pool, and tell your friends about us.


What does the maintenance package include?

-Complete pool opening, system check, and system start-up
-Power vacuum after pool opening
-Backwashing/cleaning filter during clearing process
-Weekly vacuum and chemical adjustment visits until pool is closed
-All needed pool chemicals to keep water balanced
-Checking and emptying skimmer baskets, weekly water tests
-Two hours of labor if any repair service is needed
-Complete winterization and closing of pool at end of season


HOA Pool Service in Orange County

Hire Experienced HOA Pool Service in Orange County

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How Much Does Our Pool Maintenance Package Work Cost?


Services starting at $49.99

Deal of the Month

Fill out a Service Contract and receive the first month FREE


Refer a friend and get a FREE filter cleaning


Our quality pool service can provide a number of benefits for your pool, including:

Regular maintenance: Regular pool service can ensure that your pool is properly maintained, including balancing chemicals, cleaning the pool and equipment, and checking for any issues that may require attention.

Safe swimming environment: Properly maintained pools provide a safer swimming environment for you and your family. Regular testing and balancing of pool chemicals can help ensure that the water is safe for swimming and won’t cause skin or eye irritation.

Extended lifespan of your pool: Regular pool maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your pool and its equipment. This can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for expensive repairs or premature replacement of equipment.

Improved energy efficiency: Properly maintained pool equipment can operate more efficiently, which can lead to lower energy bills.

Time-saving: Hiring a pool service can save you time and effort, as the pool service provider will handle all of the necessary maintenance tasks, freeing up your time to enjoy your pool.

Professional expertise: Pool service providers have professional expertise and experience in pool maintenance, allowing them to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise with your pool.

Overall, pool service can provide peace of mind knowing that your pool is well-maintained, safe for swimming, and running efficiently.


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